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Using Coaching to Improve Performance at the Workplace

Organizations need managers and leaders who use coaching skills to empower employees to achieve organizational goals. This course is designed to provide a framework for developing skills to help managers Coach for Performance. This course will cover the structure of a performance coaching session, assessing current performance, awareness and taking responsibility, overcoming psychological blocks, goal setting, eliminating the difference between the actual and expected performance.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the need for coaching within your organization and be aware of existing resources and development gaps
  • Develop a coaching strategy that considers organizational Culture
  • Boost productivity by helping your employees work smarter

Course Content

  • Understanding Coaching – Identifying needs for coaching as a leadership style in the workplace.
  • Role of a Coach – Key principles of coaching and Coaching to boost motivation.
  • Enhancing performance through feedback – Generating feedback in a way that encourages positive change.
  • Coaching with Emotional and Social intelligence – Increase employee engagement and Strength-based approach to coaching
  • Strategies for building trust – Practical techniques to develop trust and allow both parties to engage positively.
  • The power of praise – Increase self-confidence and motivate someone to challenge themselves by stressing their efforts.
  • Setting SMART Performance Goals – Guiding goal-setting process, aligning organizational goal to individual employee goals, create action plans with milestones for goal achievement.

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