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Customer Care

The hallmark of a service-centric institution consists of staff that is engaged and enthusiastic about providing an exceptional customer experience. As businesses continue to improve and evolve, the ability of classified staff to deliver a complementary and consistent level of service has never been more important. This transformative program will include interactive exercises, practical examples, and real-time coaching in a fun yet focused environment.

Target Group

Customer services staff, receptionists, administrative staff, sales and marketing staff

Learning Objective

  1. Define world-class service and increase awareness and commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  2. Equip staff with proven techniques in building rapport and exceeding expectations for internal and external customers.
  3. Highlight the power of first impressions and reveal secrets in mastering the initial moments that set the tone for the customer experience.
  4. Promote and nurture greater consistency in service delivery.
  5. Provide staff members with a proven strategy for better service recovery and issue resolution.
  6. Enhance personal ownership and empowerment of staff members to continually improve the quality of the customer experience

Content Areas

  1. “Good and bad customer service experiences” exercise
  2. Stepping into the shoes of your customer’s exercise
  3. Experience your service as a customer
  4. View competitor customer service
  5. Provide communication skills
  6. Dealing with difficult situations and complaint handling
  7. Develop product knowledge
  8. Suggestions for improving customer service
  9. Internal customer service improvements
  10. Ensure a customer service focus within staff induction
  11. Change management within the service industry
  12. Attitude is everything

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