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Learning & Development

2a) Masterclass

Even the best employees aren’t as likely to succeed if they don’t have proper training. We offer employee training programs targeted to your employees’ specific job functions. Our training series is a set of development programs for individuals and managers. Throughout the program, participants will focus on the current challenges they face and experiment with new approaches and behaviors and gain broader perspectives of business leadership. Our programs are delivered either in-house and as open courses.

We have training centers where individuals and groups can come for Masterclasses. At our training centers one gets the whole experience, a conducive environment for learning, a place to have fun and activities and serene place to sleep and rest couple with great meals in-between.

We conduct pre-course assessments before all our training programs so that we may tailor our content and approach so as to make our training programs as effective as possible.

2b) eLearning

We are dedicated to bring courses closer to you, our team of experts design courses that are easy to understand, anytime anywhere. After sign up, you are able to access hundreds of courses for free and other advance and premier courses. You can always advance your skills at the click of a buttom. Take a walk through our e-library and discover our world of e-learning.

On our eLearning Platform we upload courses where organizations or individuals can sign up, learn and be issued with certification upon completion of the course straight from our website to your phones, tablets or laptops.

Our courses take an interactive approach using the latest technology, animations, videos, illustrations and cases studies with relevant and industrial examples.

Learning has to be easy and fun, imagine taking a lesson from where you are, imagine developing a skill from your phone, laptop or even phone. We move this imagination to a reality.

We bring you thousands of courses to choose from, and in 4 easy steps and you will be ready for certification

Step 1. Register / Login

Step 2. Select a Course

Step 3. Take the Course

Step 4. Take the Assessment

2c) Teambuilding

Our personal and friendly approach enables us to work closely with clients to offer the perfect event and create unforgettable experiences. Our team building activities and events provide top class entertainment using only the best equipment. As a responsible activity provider, health and safety is a major priority.

We deliver fun corporate team building activities, exercises and related events such as conferences, motivational days, themed evening events, corporate entertainment and corporate hospitality. Our activities are designed to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and performance as well as providing a fun team activity that staff, clients and delegates can enjoy.

We can provide small team activities to address the needs of a group of 5 people, up to major events for more than 500 delegates. All of our team building events are tailored to fit the time you have available, your budget and your aims – from serious team work, to pure fun. We’ll find the best team building activities for you!

Indoor, Outdoor, Evening or Icebreaker Event?

  • We have a range of indoor, outdoor, evening and icebreaker team building activities to suit any participant, from junior staff to senior business executives.
  • Outdoor events take you out of the office to complete fun and engaging challenges in the great outdoors.
  • Indoor team building events are perfect for all seasons and offer a completely different range of activities. A whole batch of cooking events including delicious Chocolate Making. We offer a wide range of team building games to match specific themes with a mix of mentally and physically demanding team tasks.
  • Icebreakers are a great way to get your conference delegates energized for the meetings ahead.
  • Evening events are a mix of competitive, themed and meal-based teambuilding activities.